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Methodology Areas and Application Areas

Methodology areas

M.01 Accelerated Life Testing

M.02 Accident and Incident Modelling

M.03 Asset management

M.04 Economic Analysis in Risk Management

M.05 Foundational Issues in Risk Assessment and Management

M.06 Human Factors and Human Reliability

M.07 Innovative Computing Technologies in Reliability and Safety

M.08 Maintenance Modelling and Applications

M.09 Mathematical Methods in Reliability and Safety

M.10 Mechanical and Structural Reliability

M.11 Organizational Factors and Safety Culture

M.12 Prognostics and System Health Management

M.13 Resilience Engineering

M.14 Risk Assessment

M.15 Risk Management

M.16 Risk Scenario

M.17 System Reliability

M.18 Uncertainty Analysis​

Application Areas

A.01: Aeronautics and Aerospace

A.02: Automotive Industry

A.03: Autonomous Driving Safety

A.04: Chemical and Process Industry

A.05: Civil Engineering

A.06: Critical Infrastructures

A.07: Cyber Physical Systems

A.08: Energy

A.09: Healthcare and Medical Industry

A.10: Information Technology and Telecommunications

A.11: Land Transportation

A.12: Manufacturing

A.13: Maritime and Offshore Technology

A.14: Natural Hazards

A.15: Nuclear Industry

A.16: Occupational Hazards

·     A.17: Oil and Gas Industry

·     A.18: Renewable Energy Industry

·     A.19: Railway Industry

·     A.20: Security

·     A.21: Smart Cities and Systems

·     A.22: Socio-Technical-Economic Systems

·     A.23: Supply Chains Management

·     A.24: Water Transportation Systems

·     A.25: Web Systems

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