Deidre Merriman

Senior Grid Control Engineer

EirGrid Ireland

Deirdre Merriman is a Senior Grid Control Engineer at EirGrid plc, the Irish Transmission System Operator, working in the National Control Centre (NCC). She has responsibility for the operation and control of the High Voltage (HV) Transmission Network including real time system frequency control and interconnection operations.

Deirdre is a member of the full time shift team in NCC who operate, coordinate and manage all actions on the HV network, including balancing market operations, ensuring a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity for all electricity customers in the most efficient manner. Prioritisation of renewable electricity is at the forefront of all Grid Operations, the Irish electricity grid is currently operating to a renewable energy penetration level of 75% with plans to increase this over the course of the decade.

Deirdre has over 22 years experience working in the electricity industry, she started her career with ESB National Grid in 2000 before transferring to EirGrid plc in 2007. She holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Technology University Dublin.

Deidre Merriman