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Trinity College, Dublin

2022 European Conference on Safety and Reliability 

28th August – 1st September 2022

Thank You

Dear Colleagues,

After the conclusion of  ESREL 2022 that ran from the 28th of August to the 1st of September 2022 we’d like to leave a thank you note for the experience that it has been.

Five days of intense exchange on scientific research and industry practices on the various themes and areas underpinning this year title: “Understanding and Managing Risk and Reliability for a Sustainable Future” and it's time to say a big thank you to all the key figures underpinning it. 
In particular thanks to Luca Podofillini and Edoardo Patelli as chairs of the technical committee and for the great job done to ensure the quality of the program and the open access proceedings.
The general co-chairs Enrico ZioTerje Aven and Marko Cepin who have been supporting the event also on behalf of the European Safety and Reliability Association (ESRA)

Special thanks to Enrico Zio and his team for the support in shaping the key notes and many of the special sessions received.

Thanks to the key notes and the Members of the Technical Committee for reviewing all the contributions received and to the special session organisers a full list available at: & 

Thanks to the local organising committee in particular Lindsay M. and her team from Abbey, The TU Dublin team in particular Julie DunneDr Victor HrymakPatricia Ennis, director of ESHI Jesus Frias, The Dean for Research and innovation Brendan Jennings  and the current and former Dean of the college of Science and Health, all our TU Dublin colleagues from Estates, Sodexo, and the Engagement and communication unit.
Special thanks for Hector Diego Estrada-Lugo, PhD, and the team in the Collaborative Intelligence for Safety Critical Systems and HFISS research groups.
special thanks to the joint events, The International Workshop on Autonomous System Safety IWASS community, the H-Workload community and the Irish Human Factors & Ergonomics Society (IHFES) and the organisers of the previous edition of ESREL 2021 who assisted us in setting things up from the very beginning so that we could build on their success.

We are also grateful to all the sponsors and contributing organizations who have been supporting this event and the speakers & attendees who made the journey and or joined on line through the days! We are able to share some key pictures taken at the event and some news to come on our website

See you at ESREL 2023, the organisers have just started to launch a call for abstract and special sessions (see, and we hope to continue the existing and new scientific and human connections created at this edition and the one that came before ours.

We do have the privilege of “Standing on the shoulders of Giants”.


Yours sincerely,


Simon Wilson & Maria Chiara Leva

Chairs of ESREL 2022

On behalf of the European Safety and Reliability Association (ESRA) I would like to express my sincere thanks to all participants of ESREL 2022 for their valuable contributions and for having made this event a vibrant and exciting meeting. I thank you for your sustained support of the ESREL conferences and the ESRA activities.

At this occasion I would like to draw your kind attention to ESRA  and encourage you to check out our activities and opportunities for active contributions. I would like to invite you to consider an ESRA membership to become more involved in the ESRA and ESREL activities and to enjoy the benefits of the membership. Members may chose specific Technical Committees to get engaged in the developments in the specific topical areas. Membership comes with a discount on the conference fee for ESREL conferences for your group or institution, access to our news, opportunities to contribute to our newsletter, opportunities to run activities (eg workshops, study groups, webinars) in ESRA and to run sessions, panels etc in ESREL. ESRA is supporting such activities with its infrastructure, consulting and also with financial resources. Should you be interested in joining ESRA, please let us know.

Many thanks and best wishes

Michael Beer
Chairman, European Safety and Reliability Association

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